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Not only were they uncertain of the future evolution of monetary policy overseas, they were ill-informed of developments at home page.

Council members, ill-informed over the historical and technical details of the two petitions, were nevertheless acutely sensitive to lớn their political implications.

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The sovereignty the state could exercise, at an oceanic distance, was of necessity ill-informed, incomplete, and oppressive.

Backhouse shows that the post-modernist arguments against methodology are disingenuous or ill-informed.

Historical figures - as historians are too fond of reminding one another - are often remarkably ill-informed.

Dangers of slavish over-adherence to lớn deleterious 'substitute judgements', potentially based on outmoded and ill-informed previous views, are, it is to lớn be hoped, avoided.

Evidence suggests that older people are often ill-informed about their prescribed medication.

The often ill-informed and tautological consensus appears to lớn be that it cannot.

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In her debilitated, ill-informed, and dependent state, the patient is viewed as having no viable option other than vãn to lớn trust the physician.

Yet it is a commonplace that older people are ill-informed about services and benefits and often rely on family and friends for information.

In fact, we are urged to lớn question and challenge misguided or ill-informed practices.

Thereby the dangers of slavish overadherence to lớn deleterious 'substitute judgements', potentially based on outmoded and ill-informed previous views, should be avoided.

Small wonder, then, that rumours reached rulers and even less surprisingly, were roundly condemned for being ill-informed.

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However, too much of the debate in the popular press is misguided, ill-informed and polarised.

Without publication our research remains unknown and unheard, and debate ill-informed.

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