ignore là gì

She looks down at the hard factual earth, ignoring the infinite and holy life around her.

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The crowd protested to lớn both the police and the gendarmes, but was mostly ignored.

Ignoring her nurse's warning, she turns the golden key in the lock.

Marker bits are ignored (or, equivalently, read as 0).

As a result, rare diseases were largely ignored due to lớn poor economic potential and were thus said to lớn be orphaned.

Even if we are ignorant, the difference between ignorance and knowledge is ten years in school.

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Though ignorant of her past, something about her mutated eye causes her to lớn experience bizarre flashbacks and strange, debilitating precognitive episodes.

The ogberis (ignorant folks) fear death because it marks the over of an existence that is known and the beginning of one that is unknown.

He acted as a lawyer for convicts, many of whom were completely ignorant of their rights.

Done ignorantly by ignorant people, it is awful.

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