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As such, ethnicity as ideology provides a psychological formula which mitigates the uncertainties of state- society relations.

According to lớn this definition - ideology-as-shorthand - it should have been no more difficult to lớn assess a party's positions than thở to lớn formulate one's own ideology.

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The partisan theory states that in exchange for political tư vấn, parties serve as agents for the preferences and ideologies of their voters.

Yet this ruling class ideology was and remains one of cultural synthesis.

If this is true, good government performance does not persuade people that the ideology of the government is more valuable and effective than thở they thought.

An ideology was needed to lớn explain why it was that some people were not caught up in the neutralist struggle to lớn avoid civil war altogether.

The goal was to lớn uncover the ideologies that parents perceive to lớn guide present speaking practices with their children.

Again through the tactic of distinction, the cartoon clearly demonstrates a preference for traditional ideologies of female beauty.

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Anyone who does not believe that their image will tự more-or-less what they will it to lớn tự is allowing scientific ideology to lớn override common sense.

Real political influences are present and the ideology of the president is especially influential.

Alongside the independent variables for các buổi party and ideology are the variables for social class, religious practice and economic evaluation.

Above all, their ideology of circulation depended on economically based assumptions about knowledge and communication.

To be sure, the eighteenth-century concept of progress should not be reduced to lớn that ideology.

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Indeed, if the symbol of the hunter dominated the ideology of the state, the notion of the blacksmith was more visible in personal\residential relations.

Language ideology both reflects and enacts racial inequalities.

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