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Both hotel staff and attendees should practice effective hand washing after using the bathroom.

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It will also include a special category of liquor license for music and entertainment venues separate from hotel licenses.

The play then changes radically, abandoning the conventions of realism, dislocating the hotel room, and placing it into an undisclosed war-zone.

However, the growth in popularity of selfcatering accommodation may indicate customers' rejection of this trend towards ' pseudo-domestication ' by hotels.

He did not as a matter of principle move round from one hotel to lớn another, but demonstrated a cosmopolitan mode of dwelling.

Interviews on all hotel employees, particularly food service workers, should be performed at the time the outbreak is recognized.

The tragic collapse was a direct result of shoddy workmanship during the rush to lớn renovate the hotel, he argued.

They were characterised by a hotel layout : all residents used all public spaces and facilities throughout the building.

In the survey, bands accounted for one-third of venue entertainment in both pubs and clubs, with jukeboxes more popular in hotels.

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At least 76 of the hotel's guests and 40 hotel employees had acute gastroenteritis during this period.

Thirteen hotel food handlers became ill in the 2-week period with vomiting or diarrhoea.

These foundations established airline companies, construction and rubber processing businesses, hotels, and were involved in tourism and fisheries.

Most of the hotels are long gone, having fallen victim to lớn fire or abandonment caused by changes in vacation fashions.

A distant second is hotels and catering, with a proportion of 42%.

They stayed in hotels, hostels and private homes.

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