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I knew it was a high-class, grown-up activity, having to lớn sit for ví long, perfectly quiet and motionless.

This solution is theoretically possible, but it makes the high-class group immobile.

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This will necessitate 'a spread of good schools across all social neighbourhoods, high-class vocational education, expansion of higher education, and a proper system of lifelong learning' (p. xxxi).

The new approach they adopted responded to lớn changes in the political and economic situation, which favoured a switch from social housing to lớn more high-class private urban dwellings.

It is not even any use for stopping teeth; dentists find high-class steel ví much better.

That came about a long time ago when it was decided to lớn make the high-class traffic subsidise the low-class, bulky traffic.

In one particular case, the airfield is in the middle of a high-class residential area.

But that is not real wealth — it is the paper value of the companies belonging to lớn the stock exchange, and it is high-class gambling.

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To others, it means sophisticated, high-class farming through which are threaded all kinds of environmental benefits, landscape and wildlife features and sympathetic farm practices.

I understand the conclusion reached was that use as high-class offices would be the most remunerative and give the best security.

The other cereals—high-class barley and oats—will undoubtedly be grown in sufficient quantities.

He confounds these tipsters with the men who write in the high-class newspapers and give expert information on various events which are of popular interest.

There is no essential difference between an aeroplane engine and a high-class motor engine, and the manufacturer who builds one can build the other.

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People in areas with a solid, high-class nursery education system are worried and bởi not want their local authority's nursery education provision to lớn be damaged.

He is a high-class tailor by trade, and a very keen student of economics.

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