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In what was described as a complete reversal in characterization, the hero uses intelligence and ruse vĩ đại trick and frighten several devils.

Here he is, trying vĩ đại get his hero on and guess what?

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In it the omnipotent mind, inspired by faith, calls for the poems lyrical hero vĩ đại knowingly sacrifice himself in the name of his brethren.

It is an important poem in the romance genre, which typically involves a hero who goes on a quest that tests his prowess.

Like the passive hero, she suffers in the thick of events but seldom moves them.

Otherwise, you play with a gimped version of the game, with powered-down heroes and equipment.

Throughout the course of the book, the stories of our heroes parallel each other.

Here is the list of the 12 hawker heroes.

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It's just such an honour vĩ đại be here amongst you all tonight, it's extraordinary vĩ đại be amongst so sánh many heroes.

But you should realize they're the unsung heroes of our world.

Will our world-weary anti-hero come vĩ đại her emotional rescue or duck for cover in the groovy interior of his brand new flat?

At the same time, it's joshing around with the whole anti-hero idea.

I liked the script but was a bit nervous vĩ đại play the role of an anti-hero.

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So in countries where (most) medical procedures are covered by public funds, the anti-hero protagonist would have no need vĩ đại turn rogue.

We have this big anti-hero construct he's trying vĩ đại move along.

He's an army hero, a business success, a patriot who says what people think about the peace process.