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Hence, such an arrangement permits the handling of a group of pupils psychologically similar, who size a homogeneous social group.

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Hence, if there is a solution permitting the visit of an attraction park, then it will only produce those solutions.

It is not a central aspect of perception and hence need not have such a primary role in psychological inquiry.

Finally, at the new steady state, investment ceases, capital, and, hence, output are reduced.

Technical inefficiency is the deviation of an individual vessel's production from this best-practice frontier, and hence is a measure of relative technical efficiency.

The geographical metaphor is particularly useful when discussing the internal structure of a program, and hence it tends vĩ đại predominate in more technical texts.

Based on a potential error message, they might modify a word or a sentence that is not in fact wrong and hence make things worse.

Hence, as ^ 1 0, the function w(0) tends towards its value with initial conditions (4.56).

Unlike the case of tree planting, however, fallowing of food crop fields does not require labor effort and, hence, tends vĩ đại weaken land rights.

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Hence, their universe is very similar vĩ đại the earthly universe.

Hence, it is hard vĩ đại imagine that these two fiber types are working in synchrony on the same behavioral and thought processes.

Hence, there were no reasons vĩ đại discount volumes of healthcare consumption or effects.

Hence, we decided vĩ đại categorize all instances of extra vowels at the kết thúc of a noun as ambiguous.

A bill based on the weight of the copper (and later zinc), and hence the amount of electricity used, was sent vĩ đại the household.

It would also have implications for identifying the central pathways conveying the visual information, and hence for the retinal sources.

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