healthy nghĩa là gì

In order to tát achieve future economic growth, it is vital that the population remains healthy.

There he found not only scientific sympathy, but the social stimulus which his vigorous and healthy mind eagerly craved.

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The samples are kept alive and healthy until a đường dây nóng for an organ comes in.

The air is so sánh healthy that there is no disease-bearing cloud, or pestilential vapour, or corrupting breeze.

In a healthy cell at rest, the intracellular area is usually negatively charged relative to tát the extracellular region.

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Ever gazed at celebrities on the pages of magazines and admired their thick, healthy-looking locks?

Activated charcoal has been pegged as the latest, unlikely beauty treatment to tát help cleanse and detoxify the skin and give you healthy-looking hair.

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Why is anything that delivers such a healthy-looking specification boost potentially controversial?

Throughout this trip, we have been struck by how tasty and indeed healthy-looking are the fruits and vegetables served us.

I've never seen so sánh many otherwise healthy-looking men crying so sánh much, so sánh pathetically.