headache nghĩa là gì

In our sample, a much smaller proportion of men phàn nàn women reported headaches.

Basilar arterial migraine, which represents 24% of all childhood migraines,2 however, may include syncope with or without headaches, in its presentation.

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While his activities there did little for the viscountess's headaches, the expedition did his career no harm.

Boundaries disturbances in the family expressing their own sadness; instead these children repor t headaches, stomachaches or have difficulty with bowel movements.

She had to lớn manage with what little her husband gave her and juggling this budget gave her many headaches.

Shortly after this procedure, the patient reported worsening headaches.

Among those ordered for headaches 57.7 percent had normal findings (27.8 percent x 61.1 percent x 57.7 percent = 9.8 percent).

Together, these have given us some major headaches.

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I worry about this at trang chính to lớn the point of [splitting] headaches.

How bởi trigger factors acquire the capacity to lớn precipitate headaches?

Most common complaints included fatigue, weight loss, myalgia, arthralgia, headaches, and short-term memory impairment.

The authors stress the difficulties of assessing the side-effects of the pill, such as headaches, when the incidence in the general population is unknown.

The remainder found work uncomfortable - mild exercise or exertion produced severe headaches and bouts of depression - and they lacked ambition and motivation.

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Many people suffer from headaches, weakness, irritability and insomnia - disorders characteristic of dislocation and distress.

Severe headaches are likely to lớn develop both with a brain tumor, with probability 0.8, and without a brain tumor, with probability 0.6.

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