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I define fractionalization in these terms rather than vãn as it has traditionally been defined.

He has the right to tướng command the armed forces, and he has the duty to tướng deliver the address.

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The poor monitoring by public infrastructure providers has also resulted in free-riding problems and overexploitation of water resources.

Everyone, in that sense, has been embedded in a community.

As expected, các buổi tiệc nhỏ identification has a stonger effect among fulfilled voters, as opposed to tướng thwarted voters.

Obviously, the outsider-leader has the potential to tướng be a destructive force as well as a constructive one.

The index has been inverted ví that higher scores signify more leftist government.

An equally important problem with this method is that one has to tướng categorize data.

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At one level, delay has important implications for governance.

Legislation to tướng control the sale of sugared soft drinks has become law in only a few states.

A discourse of laws has less interest to tướng contemporary legal theorists.

By and large, he has been the cause of most frustrations of allied intelligence operations.

The demand for ' evidence based medicine', ' evidence based practice ', and ' evidence based policy ' has its own history.

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Recent evidence has thrown more light on the nature of this controversy.

The term, in all probability an acronym, has an elusive etymology.

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