hardship là gì

Their sons migrated for reasons of economic hardship and personal insecurity following political harassment.

Need was shown through the degree of hardship experienced, as well as the number of petitioners involved.

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For their part, the unemployed remained compliant in the face of extreme hardship.

Although there would be sufficient hardships and dangers and problems to lớn give spice to lớn life, there would be no utterly destructive and apparently vindictive evil.

Or maybe those who have been able to lớn choose their leaders are more willing to lớn accept the hardships associated with policies of economic adjustment.

But this backlash was not just a reaction to lớn the economic hardship.

What matters from this perspective is the overall pattern of the life, for instance, whether early hardships are linked to lớn later success.

Their lives of hardship required them to lớn internalise the tastes imposed by their social conditions.

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Reporting material hardship and difficulty meeting expenses are somewhat correlated.

Of the three incomebased poverty measures, the experimental measure looks more lượt thích the material hardship and the inability-to-meet-expenses measure for children.

In relation to lớn the critique of ' nuclear hardship ' and our subsequent model it illuminates several issues.

This is a situation that can be likened to lớn jazz music, inspired by hardship and the outcome of tremendous creative endeavour.

For those who can borrow, low current income of a temporary nature is less likely to lớn be associated with reports of material hardship.

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Many could not endure the hardship and took their own lives.

Reviving the economy, solving the fiscal crisis, and alleviating social hardship became the major policy problems of the state.

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