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Neither is the physician automatically in legal peril in declining đồ sộ follow the recommendation of the handheld computer programs.

A handheld goniometer was used đồ sộ measure these angles.

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I went back đồ sộ my room and made some notes on my ancient handheld computer and looked forward đồ sộ writing the paper.

Holsters are available in both stereotactic and handheld (ultrasound guided) versions, and 8-, 11and 14-gauge probes are available.

The communicating systems use e-mail, or wireless devices such as mobile phones, wearable computers or the handheld variety.

Drug information software is also used in personal digital assistants and handheld computers for greater ease and mobility.

Imaging a child's fundus without dilation using a handheld confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscope.

The ethical and legal implications of handheld medical computers.

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Similarly, a number of potentially valuable uses of the handheld computer have been ignored or remain insufficiently developed by the medical community and the health delivery system at large.

Patients are able đồ sộ activate and deactivate the stimulator via handheld controllers, and can modify a subset of the stimulation parameters within given limits phối by the medical team.

The ethical implications of handheld medical computers in medicine.

However, due đồ sộ the precision limitations of unguided handheld tools and the lack of direct visual guidance đồ sộ the target, surgeons generally cannot fulfill the preoperative planning precisely during surgery.

A close liaison is maintained with their obstetricians and communication occurs through correspondence in the women's handheld obstetric notes as well as by letter and when necessary by telephone.

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The tìm kiếm has included small handheld devices.

He surely could be equipped with a handheld noise meter and could be responsible for instituting prosecutions against offending motorists who vì thế not keep their vehicles in order.

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