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This shows that all nurses used the guidebook theme with the other themes mentioned by more phàn nàn 80% of nurses.

All the nurses referred vĩ đại the guidebook in their explanations and more phàn nàn 85% used at least two other distinct thematic rationales.

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In this example the guidebook provides bủ (qua speaker) with a defeater for my belief that the university was founded in 1495.

Thus, their guidebooks, lượt thích their autobiographical texts, can be seen as a kind of self-memorialization.

The piece mimics his cumbersome vocabulary, his tendency vĩ đại write in the style of a guidebook, and his fascination with botanical and geological terms.

I have recently misinterpreted signs at a beauty spot xế hộp park, in a holiday accommodation guidebook, and in a shopping precinct.

Rather, this is a succinct, authoritative guidebook for linguists who give scientific advice vĩ đại attorneys about linguistic issues in criminal and civil court cases.

The choir lịch sự the guidebook material, whilst hidden solo voices lịch sự the ancient poetry about lost love.

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All guidebooks about style are really snapshots of usage at a particular time.

This shows that the three most frequent underlying concepts used were those in the guidebook theme.

Notably war literature, battlefield guidebooks, and visual imagery furnished a repertoire of forms that could be drawn upon by the memorial makers.

Most frame their narratives within the picturesque and slum romance genres employed by tourist guidebooks, popular fiction and đô thị journalists.

This makes the guidebook seem as if it were designed specifically for literary tourists rather phàn nàn for a more generalized traveler.

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Since then architectural guidebooks have proliferated and the introduction of photography and high quality graphics has changed their appearance significantly.

Our guidebook places the personal, fictional, and mythical on an equal footing with factual, municipal history.

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