gridlocked là gì

Businesses were affected, homes were flooded and the thành phố was gridlocked.

I foresee that, this summer, it will be gridlocked, with cars unable đồ sộ move in either direction.

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In addition, traffic congestion costs business £19 billion a year and our cities and towns are becoming gridlocked.

We would give greater flexibility in the use of those hospital beds by preventing them from being gridlocked because of lack of provision elsewhere.

We are gridlocked, as it were, on the negotiations.

During the winter, there is less of a bottleneck, but the road is still gridlocked at many times of the day.

Most towns and cities would be gridlocked.

He said that roads were gridlocked.

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All this is a recipe for chaos and gridlock in national asylum systems.

In addition, we want đồ sộ find out, and many people outside want đồ sộ understand, how gridlock will be avoided.

Without reform, we would be likely đồ sộ see bureaucratic gridlock at 25.

The shambles will be total and gridlock complete.

If both the new authority and the mayor have power, political differences would mean gridlock.

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In my view, that would be a recipe for gridlock.

The result was gridlock with decaying buildings, wasted resources, mounting deficits with increasing dangers of clinical risk and all going nowhere.

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