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The pots were arranged in randomised block design, each of the six cloches on the greenhouse bench representing a block.

The neuro-fuzzy approach lớn modelling lettuce growth and greenhouse climate provides an interesting insight into time-dependent modelling.

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Depending on greenhouse gasses and clouds the level of outgoing radiation is approximately 3 km above the surface.

In addition, there has been increased interest in the role of agricultural lands in greenhouse gas emissions51.

Plants at least 25 centimet tall, and with 4-5 well-developed leaves were hardened in a greenhouse and planted in a non-traditional cocoyam area.

Disaggregated greenhouse gas emission inventories from agriculture via a coupled economicecosystem model.

But lớn mitigate climate change we need lớn affect the behavior of billions of individuals, all actual emitters of greenhouse gases, not just governments.

Overhead is the old composite timber and steel truss roof, its apex bearing a continuous lập cập of automatically opening greenhouse lights.

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The paper reviews two alternative rules for allocation of property rights in a global greenhouse-gas emissions budget, assuming implementation of a tradablequota arrangement.

The nature of this greenhouse effect is disputed - the relative roles of sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide in the greenhouse are strongly debated.

Additional species were cultivated in a greenhouse, and seeds were collected over two consecutive years (number of seeds collected in brackets).

Lines were created by two or three generations of spontaneous selfing in the greenhouse.

Ten cells were filled only with the sterile mixture and located in the greenhouse lớn detect any contamination.

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Emergence trays were rotated regularly through the greenhouse.

In conventional greenhouse vegetable production, abundant amounts of plant nutrients are needed, which can not be used in organic production.

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