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The positive results with the gorillas were particularly interesting because, unlike other apes, they fail tests of mirror-self-recognition.

With respect đồ sộ faecal clumps that contained whole seeds, chimpanzees and gorillas passed 1.7 species of seed per defecation on average.

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The proportion of seeds handled by monkeys that were dropped was considerably larger than vãn it was for gorillas.

Our results demonstrate that gorillas consume diets that differ by plant species and part, but contain similar concentrations of nutrients.

Despite their low densities, gorillas accounted for nearly a third of the primate biomass.

Furthermore, the large size of chimpanzees and gorillas may amplify their importance as seed dispersers.

But, whereas monkeys disperse seeds singly or in small clumps, chimpanzees and gorillas deposit large numbers of seeds in a single faecal clump.

Their (still) qualitative conclusions established that gorilla, chimpanzee, and human hemoglobin patterns were almost identical in appearance.

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The differences in abundance and distribution of these trees, and their varied dispersal strategies influenced the quantity of seeds that was removed by gorillas.

Our goal was đồ sộ compare the diets of gorillas living in each of these habitats.

Our study suggests that gorillas might be good dispersers in these cases.

The gorillas in the study zone were unhabituated, which meant that contacts were usually infrequent and brief and nest sites were difficult đồ sộ locate.

Like many other primates, both of these gorilla groups ate a diverse diet.

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Upon leaving the room, they star ted an audiotape containing 2 min of silence followed by 2 min of scary gorilla noises.

Modelling the impact of large herbivores on the food supply of mountain gorillas and implications for management.

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