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Additionally, there are special arrangements for non-radio aircraft based within the area, and special provisions have been made for microlight aircraft, hốc gliders and balloons.

Although gliders are allowed to tát fly through airways, they are not allowed to tát climb up airways.

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Moreover, in some airways, sharing arrangements exist which allow gliders access for soaring when airline traffic is low.

Many of our fast jet pilots were blooded in gliders of the air cadet movement.

Hang-gliders are not registered and no official records are kept of accidents.

In some areas there are to tát be found gliders and microlight aircraft.

The aircraft and the gliders take off and land on grass.

Further investigations are being carried out to tát determine the most appropriate colour schemes for other slower moving training aircraft and gliders.

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The air cadets have a fleet of 150 modern gliders, of which 52 are motor gliders.

We bởi not build gliders in this country.

He talked of gliders with light engines and various other things of that sort.

A few extra motor gliders could help to tát solve the problem of operations from airfields that are unsuitable for conventional gliders.

What has happened about my previous plea for a few more self-launching gliders?

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Gliders are at present permitted to tát cross airways in visual meteorological conditions by day without compliance with normal air traffic control rules.

Then there are the gliders which can carry ten or twelve soldiers each.

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