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Although increasing plan generosity and enhancing plan communication can significantly boost employees' appreciation of their retirement programs, there is a tradeoff to tướng consider.

Again we find that greater plan generosity and more effective communication are associated with higher levels of plan appreciation.

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Raising plan generosity also boosts employees' appreciation of their retirement program but its effect is more modest.

Moreover, during the 1980s transfer programmes were relatively stable, indicating that their relative generosity was in some sort of equilibrium before the crisis.

We refrain from hasty conclusions about the greater generosity and lesser dependency needs of women, but clearly these gender differences invite greater scrutiny.

It is more consistent with human dignity for us to tướng satisfy our wants through the market kêu ca through pre-market relations of generosity, patronage and dependence.

No one should be pinche (stingy) and one should never take advantage of someone else's generosity.

Assistance to tướng hosts is a way of compensating families for their generosity.

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Insufficient generosity and uninformed views amongst the public were hindering social democracy as much as inadequate levels of economic growth or mistaken policies.

But to tướng those who knew her, it was even more her humour, her enthusiasm, her generosity, and her integrity for which she will be remembered.

But such minor lapses are trivial in a book of such intellectual scope and generosity as this.

Like the gentlemen in the previous jest, they bởi not respond with the generosity of their master.

Figures 14 and 15 present the results for the different financing scenarios, while maintaining the generosity of pensions at a high level (baseline).

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Benevolence or generosity are directed towards particular recipients.

He reproduces long passages of text and reads with generosity and insight.

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