fun nghĩa là gì

And while the season started out rather slow and deflated, it quickly regained its usual levels to lớn tension and fun.

It'll be fun to lớn find out what it's lượt thích to lớn play on a court with mixed surfaces!

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The Clip shows them on the beach having fun, and also having a bonfire.

It had been fun, and the fun had showed.

Although hard-core fans welcomed it as a breath of fresh air, it never quite managed to lớn recapture the fun of early '80s.

Sports, woodworking, singing, nhảy, sewing, and other activities fill the days with many opportunities for fun.

It is already turning towards a public which goes to lớn the theatre navely and for fun.

She jumped pole vault just for fun, achieved 360 cms in training after 3 months practice nonetheless never competed in this sự kiện.

More than thở 200 years ago it was the only transportation which was used for fun, to lớn drive down into the valley and other tasks.

He used to lớn train all by himself without coach assistance, and he used to lớn enter these competitions just for fun.

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The league gave people a great chance to lớn socialise and have fun on weekends.

They decide to lớn go out and have fun.

The girls have bucket loads of attitude, confidence and clearly just want to lớn have fun.

I want to lớn lift the people up, have fun, create a moment.

With fun and games all around, participants head over here to lớn relax and have fun.

He defecates underwater and his feces floats up to lớn the surface, at which point everyone notices and starts to lớn make fun of him.

But the company return to lớn make fun of the old man.

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I remember about 10 years ago, people used to lớn make fun of bầm for wearing trucker style hats.

All you've done is make fun of something that wasn't doing you any harm and wanted only to lớn give some cats some fun laughs.

Her fellow residents make fun of her which prompts her to lớn break up with him.