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A basidium (pl., basidia) is a microscopic, spore-producing structure found on the hymenophore of fruiting bodies of basidiomycete fungi.

However, limits for insect fragments and larvae were not added until the 1920s on various fruits and vegetables.

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Fruits, vegetables, and cooked meat can be given to tướng hermit crabs, as long as they are not put in preservatives.

It is omnivorous, feeding on vegetables, insects, crabs, snails, and other items, but apparently preferring palm fruits and palm kernels.

The stem is covered in inflorescences of many tiny white flowers and hairy fruit pods each about a centimeter long and packed with brown seeds.

For other societies, social injustice includes repressing peoples' ability to tướng be fruitful for themselves and the society they are in.

In third, and most fruitful phase of his painting, between 1970 and 1976 he created most important works.

Likewise, if life is not sacred, then the injunction to tướng be fruitful and multiply is a military command, not a deistic one...

They also believed women made the soil fruitful, thus women did the planting and harvesting.

The kết thúc of the seventies was an especially fruitful period of exhibits and contacts, and also marked his technical mastery of the chemigram technique.

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Green in colour, its name derived from the four fruits used; pineapple, orange, passion fruit and grapefruit.

On the side, you have a xanh rì pea flower and passion fruit gel.

The region produces various other horticultural products, including carrots, onions and tomatoes, as well as fruits, such as peach, passion fruit ("granadilla"), and soursop ("anona").

It is also a significant producer and domestic supplier of banana, ginger, turmeric, passion fruit, orange and chowchow.

The taco salad is a medley of kale, bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumber and cashews with passion fruit dressing.

His subjects are ordinary and often ignored, such as "talangka" (crablets) and "balimbing" (star fruit).

Turner is also developing and cultivating carambolas, also known as star fruits, and longans.

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The temple houses a distinguished prang with a fluted spire lượt thích the shape of a star fruit.

There is one famous fruit called as star fruit.

This is the month to tướng explore a range of exotic and once-traditional fruits, including dragon fruit, pomegranates, rosellas, persimmons, carambola (star fruit), custard táo and its prickly cousin, soursop.