footfall là gì

However, the footfall loss is far more difficult đồ sộ quantify and, undoubtedly, the larger problem in the long run rẩy.

They have changed the benefit payments system and reduced the footfall in post offices.

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The footfall in the post office will disappear, in other words.

The 8,000-plus betting shops throughout the country help đồ sộ generate the footfall đồ sộ tư vấn other key shopping outlets in district centres.

They have assured bầm that that has been a significant success and that the footfall that they required has been achieved.

Even if they are installed there, they will reduce the footfall through the shops, as people withdraw money out of hours.

The major concern is that the important footfall of 15 million people going into sub-post offices every week will diminish.

We seek increased footfall, which is the best way đồ sộ ensure that as many post offices as possible are viable in the future.

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One advantage of having a lottery terminal in a post office is that the terminals increase the footfall of people passing through the premises.

The general footfall of business resulting from the fact that post offices presently pay benefits is crucial đồ sộ many businesses.

Because the footfall has disappeared from the post office, it will disappear from other small shops in the village.

As footfall has diminished, those shops have become increasingly non-viable.

If it cannot be found from the footfall of benefit and pension claimants, there will be a serious problem.

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What will be the subsequent loss đồ sộ post offices through the loss of footfall—people coming into the shops, dispensing money and creating revenue?

We could meet at least part of the footfall challenge.

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