flyover là gì

It is dotted with stunning modern buildings, lavish government and financial offices, and international-class hotels that are reached by good roads and empty flyovers.

We hope đồ sộ start work on the flyover in 1971.

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The scheme does not include flyovers for pedestrians.

No extra expense has been incurred, because we always saw that the site was fitted for a flyover.

A flyover or underpass would probably cost over £1,000,000 and a roundabout would still be necessary for the large volume of turning traffic.

On principal roads one temporary flyover is under construction.

The flyover should be opened đồ sộ traffic in autumn 1974.

A permanent flyover, whether built đồ sộ last for 100 or 200 years, clearly has đồ sộ be a very strong structure.

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We have no present proposal đồ sộ construct a flyover at this junction.

There are no current plans for the construction of a flyover at either junction.

This flyover improvement will not be much more than vãn just over a mile long.

The oil companies said that though they would much prefer a flyover, they would reluctantly settle for a roundabout.

When will that flyover be built đồ sộ ease the flow of traffic?

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A flyover on the west liên kết would ease the flow of traffic down the street and improve the quality of life for many people.

There is talk about building a flyover or making some other arrangement, but local people are sick and tired of the traffic problems.

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