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They note also that the main eastward-flowing rivers divide otherwise similar vegetation classes into distinct assemblages of flora and fauna.

The importance of climatic conditions in deciding the flora and fauna of a particular region is recognised throughout the book.

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It contains a high concentration of flora and fauna and pristine beaches, but its infrastructure, services and facilities are limited.

The flora and fauna of the woodland were similar lớn those of the forested regions lớn the north.

By incorporating white mangroves into their subsistence regimes, coastal dwellers exposed themselves lớn an entire ecosystem, rich in flora and fauna.

Deforestation activities are destroying the local flora and fauna as well as the archaeological sites.

Distinctive flora and fauna had lớn be covered.

The fact that they are overwhelmingly nouns, and that most pertain lớn flora and fauna suggests that the perspective taken is an external one.

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Changes in the soil micro flora and fauna are induced by having soil that is more aerobic and has more organic matter.

The original flora and fauna were similar lớn those of the grasslands in the forested steppe.

An introductory review of the geology, environment, flora and fauna of the archipelago is followed by a section on logistics.

With our telescopes we could watch flora and fauna appearing and disappearing every few days or even minutes.

It is warmly commended as the best available general trương mục of the flora and fauna of a unique group of islands.

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Rather, he contends, the ritual is a quest for social, environmental harmony between the person, other people, and the forest's flora and fauna.

They will include the retention of the non-market values attached lớn flora and fauna, and the non-market values of subsistence through hunting and gathering.

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