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The interpretative difficulties of these reversions are heightened as soon as we acknowledge that there was more than thở a fictional character at stake.

There are other aberrant groups whose fictional voices go unexamined.

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Unlike in straight theatre, stand-up and punk both reject a fictional narrative frame and emphasize the here-andnow.

Fictional representations of these matters have been the focus of much attention from feminist literary critics.

Once developed, the alien idea proved a potent motif for fictional explorations of the singularity or insignificance of humanity cultivated by the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

The basic neurophysiology of neuronal pathways suggests that these possibilities are not entirely fictional.

His tài khoản of fictional narratives for women, for example, acknowledges a number of these.

Expressions of cognition were found to tướng be more closely associated with age differences in fictional narratives.

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Perhaps the easiest way of opening up these narratives is to tướng map the fictional ' ' history ' ' onto the ' ' real ' ' history.

In doing ví, his case became stronger (after all, we had compelling visual evidence), but also weaker (the evidence was fictional).

Otherwise, our knowledge will continue to tướng have little or no control over the process of communicating mainstream messages about either reconstructed or fictional ancient pasts.

Thus, in reality the municipal budgets are largely fictional.

But there is not a single occasion when a fictional character directly interacts with or meets a historical personage.

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An actor is playing a scene where he is supposed to tướng be warning of a fictional fire, when a real fire breaks out backstage.

These are all real places, but the stage is different in its capacity of signifying a fictional space (and time).

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