fermentation là gì

Most of the strains also exhibited multidrug resistance, sorbitol fermentation and produced enterohaemolysin.

The physico-chemistry of affinities and of fermentation, which concerns respiration, chyliation, glandular secretion, reproduction, etc., does not modify the givens of the problem.

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At yield peaks, sample fermentations were made đồ sộ determine wet đồ sộ dry weight conversion ratios, up đồ sộ eight rounds per trial on a plot basis.

The long bulk-fermentation involved in traditional breadmaking processes can be eliminated by introducing the work normally performed by the yeast as mechanical work by machine.

This result is known as the 'presumptive coliform count', the presumption being each tube showing fermentation, contains coliform organisms.

The effect of supplementing grass silage with soya bean meal on digestibility, in sacco degradability, rumen fermentation and methane production in sheep.

Dispensing with fermentation saved time and money - less linen was lost and more ended up as the substance of sheets.

Survival under these oxygen-free conditions requires arginine fermentation or denitrification by the use of nitrate or nitrite.

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Three fermentations were carried out using inocula from three healthy human donors.

He turned his attention đồ sộ problems of alcoholic fermentation.

Before further processing, the mixture is probably left alone for fermentation.

The debate reflected the fact that a number of investigators had observed connections between putrefaction and fermentation and life processes.

Soon after he turned đồ sộ the research on putrefaction and fermentation, which was published in 1843.

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Saccharomyces cere isiae strains used for fermentation and ' flor ' film ageing of dry sherry-type wines.

Eubacterial levels were highest in the chemostat culture fluid than thở the biofilm culture fluid in two of the three fermentations.

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