feminism là gì

The script itself is extremely dense and open to tát interpretation; recurring themes include feminism and the ecology movement.

And the pregnant widow in this novel is feminism.

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These began to tát identify themselves more closely with feminism and to tát promote a more vigorous campaigns in favor of womens suffrage.

Other post-feminists say that feminism is no longer relevant to tát today's society.

She commenced her tertiary education in the 1970s, the era of the second wave of feminism.

For women all around the world, embellishing themselves with ornament is synonymous with beautifying their spirit and to tát accentuate their feminity.

Love yourself, explore your feminity, listen and evaluate people's opinions but be true to tát you.

The ceremony is a celebration of feminity, preparing the tribes girls for marriage.

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Education is crucial for every woman for self-dignity and infusing feminity with intuition.

For a woman, deep within perhaps feel being strident strikes at her feminity.

Under their hypothesis, female embryos would normally develop female-specific epi-marks which would decrease sensitivity to tát circulating testosterone and feminize the fetus.

Even in situations where the act is directed towards men, the intention is to tát feminize the victim.

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I think it would eve more attractive if more feminized.

Men aren't abandoning university because education has been feminized.

Mainstream culture constantly bombards us with propaganda to tát weaken and feminize us.