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Finally, on decreasing once more the wavenumber s, one enter s the range where a distinct exponential fall-off can be seen.

The initial fall-off, the (occasionally rising) plateau and the sharp cut-off are present in each case.

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The rapid fall-off of dose reduces the toxicity vĩ đại normal tissue and is well-tolerated.

Here, v (cm/sec) and 1(cm) are characteristic action potential tốc độ and fall-off distance in the mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of corticocortical fibers, respectively.

They imply that my estimates for characteristic fall-off distances in densities of excitatory and inhibitory fibers are arbitrary.

This drastic fall-off continues out into peripheral vision, only slowing down at around 15 degrees of eccentricity.

Instead, a monotonic fall-off in radiated harmonic with harmonic order is more likely.

The conditioned profile they obtained was flat for 0.1, breaking sharply vĩ đại a linear fall-off.

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Finally, if the measurements were in the gas near field, non-ideal behaviour of the products and radiation could help vĩ đại explain the more rapid fall-off.

The fall-off in the dust mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa is more rapid in the spherical case.

Suprathermal particles with an approximate power-law fall-off in velocity are a frequent feature of space plasmas.

As discussed below, the principal reason for this fall-off was that on balance the early work failed vĩ đại convincingly demonstrate a relationship between sleep and memory.

Even at the extreme of the 95 % confidence limit, a significant fall-off in species numbers is not seen until sample size is reduced vĩ đại 15 000.

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They increased these totals at the peak (at less phàn nàn the national rate of increase), but above all both are marked by a rapid fall-off in the late period.

As discussed above, the inverse cubic fall-off of peak pressure with distance is only dominant at distances sánh large that the flow velocity has reached its vacuum-limiting value.

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