eye là gì

But it was his eyes that shocked bầm the most.

The head and thorax are greyish-ochreous, with a white line above the eyes.

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Squinting or frequent rubbing of the eyes is also common with exotropia.

And that's the wrong place vĩ đại be for little girls with stars in their eyes.

When the coffee is added vĩ đại the grease in this manner, a homogeneous mixture may result that lacks the red eye appearance.

I have a very engaged sense of what that eye for an eye kind of cycle can lead vĩ đại.

Some might think so sánh -- but the motivation is probably the old "eye for an eye" instinct.

My attitude is an eye for an eye.

Many consider prisons vĩ đại not be "punishing" enough, with "an eye for an eye" being the ultimate sanction.

This is not the age of a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye.

The proportion is all wrong and you look cross-eyed.

Stop looking at women cross-eyed; they don't lượt thích it, don't want it, shouldn't have vĩ đại put up with it.

But as we know, looking cross-eyed at a red crayon got you branded a communist in the 1950s.

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However, the photographer unwittingly take a picture of her looking cross-eyed at a fly on her nose which turns out vĩ đại be the photo entered in the contest.

In the first episode, a background pegasus pony is shown in one scene with a cross-eyed stare, the result of an overlooked animator's joke.

He had a broken bone in his foot, a "small break" in his arm, a broken thumb and a cracked eye socket.

He's had broken eye socket and a broken jaw in separate accidents.

They said the best option was a skin graft from his tummy vĩ đại build up his eye socket, with a disc over the top.

Then we put titanium under the eye socket vĩ đại hold it in place.

This is a man who played 79 minutes with a broken cheekbone and eye socket.

New selections of trang chính furnishings, ranging from tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, lamps, eye-catching wall accents and statement pieces that are affordable and with high quality.

The result is most eye-catching, with a postmodern, sleek interior contrasting markedly with the redbrick exterior.

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What made the photograph even more eye-catching is seeing the singer fully clothed while his wife is completely naked.

A local government contender is considering asking her supporters vĩ đại pre-order her "eye-catching" hoarding signs in an effort vĩ đại stop them being stolen.

Making devices that are eye-catching, as well as water, air and dust proof adds incredible value vĩ đại a new product.