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Transition probabilities were calculated directly from clinical trial data for the first 3 years and then extrapolated vĩ đại 10 years.

It was difficult vĩ đại extrapolate information from idiosyncratic studies and apply it vĩ đại my specific circumstance.

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Secondly, our results are restricted only vĩ đại females and may not extrapolate vĩ đại male populations.

Caution must be exercised in extrapolating from these observations, since it is easy vĩ đại over-generalize from the few portraits of working-class life we have.

Can such a practice of clinical ethics be extrapolated into a source for our theory of consensus in the field?

Caution is advised when quantitatively extrapolating the present data vĩ đại other flows.

All argon peaks were scanned ten times and peak heights extrapolated back vĩ đại the inlet time vĩ đại allow for argon build-up and memory effects.

These results suggest that twin studies of substance use are unlikely vĩ đại be biased and may be safely extrapolated vĩ đại more typical non-twin family relationships.

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If one extrapolates the solutions vĩ đại t 0, then the wave envelope converges toward the origin as t increases.

Thus, these curves can be used vĩ đại extrapolate the scattering vĩ đại infinite dilution.

A thorough understanding of how such constituents change over time would allow us vĩ đại extrapolate, from fossil evidence, aspects of the original biochemistry.

As a result, extrapolating results from these trials vĩ đại standard clinical conditions is often complicated.

Repulsion can be dealt with by dilution, increasing ionic strength, and/or extrapolating the data vĩ đại infinite dilution.

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However, two internal constraints can be extrapolated from the claims and observations in the existing literature.

It is unknown whether these results would extrapolate vĩ đại males or vĩ đại other ethnic or geographical populations.

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