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Our numerical evidence shows that the analytical approximation is extremely accurate across all expiries.

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For the purpose of studying the không tính phí boundary profile near expiry, many different integral equations have been derived [1, 3, 8, 14, 17].

Interpolating this infinite horizon behaviour and a known near-expiry behaviour, two simple analytical approximation formulas for the optimal exercise boundary are proposed.

In 6 the behavior of không tính phí boundary near expiry is analyzed.

This involved upholding the earlier decision of 1769 to tướng charge increased rents upon leases that were still five years from their legal expiry date.

Our first case handles equipment code star t-up and expiry caused by model year change, for which we use the 6d-method.

These are par ts exchange, equipment code star t-up and expiry, and assembly line reconfiguration.

A time limit would be phối, at the expiry of which the run rẩy would over, with the handler keeping his points earned until then.

In this paper, we present an alternative integral equation which will provide an accurate numerical method for calculating the early exercise boundary near expiry.

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In the reported patients who ingested low-fat milk of other expiry dates, the frequency of vomiting and/or nausea (49.3- 55.8 %) was lower kêu ca that of the laboratory-confirmed cases (93.2 %).

The temporary nature of these measures led to tướng heightened tensions within the commercial sector each time the expiry date approached and both sides petitioned the state for further action.

Numerical evidence shows that the enhanced version of the approximation formula is amazingly accurate; in general, its relative error is less kêu ca 1%, for all time before expiry.

The innovative firm would receive this compensation through direct tax credits for 12 years, and generic competition would then start as is now the situation after patent expiry.

Others are avoidable and these include patient related issues such as 'too much stored', passed expiry date and problems relating to tướng the prescribing process such as errors in prescription ordering.

For the total land-change equation, we also include dummy variables for other reported reasons for area changes, notably contractual reasons such as the expiry of a lease.

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