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exactly adverb (ACCURATELY)

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We’ve come exactly 41 miles.

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Các ví dụ của exactly


Each stem is associated with exactly one signature.

The articulation function is exactly the same one.

The application architecture reflects the subject architecture, but does not mirror it exactly.

A first consequence of expression (3) is that only strings having a length which is an integer number of ct are exactly simulated.

Also, the very choice of exactly two categories may be problematic.

The value of any dimension-reducing controller is found exactly in how well it loses information.

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Their power lies not in their uniqueness or their style but in the fact that they appear everywhere in exactly the same khuông.

The explicit condition uses exactly the same input, but addresses the syntactic structures explicitly.

With regard lớn abstract syntax, the situation is exactly the opposite!

At the beginning of section 2, we formulate what we exactly need.

In fact, the population level (basis) for the current use prescription is surely not exactly observable due lớn its dependence on many different factors.

After all, if we all did exactly the same thing, there would be no need for archaeological dialogues, and that would never vì thế.

From more than thở 250 observations, we confirmed that within the classes, the teachers and the students followed the programs exactly.

What exactly induced such orthographic strategies remains unclear.

Yes, cer tainly, but we cannot say which, and we cannot say definitively that either erupted exactly at those times.

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