every now and then là gì

idiom (also every now and again)

We still get together for lunch every now and then.

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(every) now and then

idiom (also (every) now and again)

sometimes but not very often:

We still meet for lunch now and then, but not as often as we used to lớn.

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Các ví dụ của every now and then

every now and then

In the course of their stories of ageing, my narrators every now and then referred to lớn life events from the past.

Every now and then, just for a change, she did crosswords.

Simply to lớn be outdoors, it is a matter discussed every now and then.

Every now and then the atoms just swerved.

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Phrased differentially, the idea of amortized complexity amounts to lớn choosing a function c that allows, every now and then, more substantial decreases of its value.

I wear them in turns, wash them every now and then.

I think all teachers benefit from having a shake up every now and then, from having new ideas run rẩy across them.

These scripts may become active every now and then in almost anyone.

Every now and then a speaker makes his\her life easier by pronouncing a word more sloppily than thở is socially accepted (this occurs unconsciously, of course).

His lamp goes out, he cannot move, all he can hear is a bat flying by every now and then on its random flight around the cave.

It has been stated that the patients "get put into a đen kịt hole and every now and then after a wait of months get summoned for treatment" (5).

Every now and then one sees a notice saying that plain-clothes police patrols are in operation.

Every now and then it would be dusted off, put back and kept for a rainy day.

A full stop makes a pleasant interlude every now and then.

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Every now and then an anæthetist has to lớn give up his profession because he has become addicted to lớn the inhalation of ether.

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