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As is too common among cognitive scientists, they equate mental representations with representations of external physical objects.

The second objection against equating object-recognition abilities with (even simple) predication comes from the fact that the underlying cognitive processes are qualitatively different.

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This is done using an energy principle based on equating the viscous flow dissipation with the released surface energy.

These statements illustrate just how basic the idea of organization is in such theories, being equated with the very nature of life itself.

I am not here equating these terms with moral particularism and moral universalism, whose differences turn on whether all ethics is situation-specific.

For a long time, linguistic anthropologists have argued against equating a population that shares a linguistic code with the status of an ethnic unit.

Individual equity under this system is generally equated with actuarial fairness, and most evaluations of social security are based on this idea.

Relative proportions of animal species are equated with the contribution that species made vĩ đại the diet of the inhabitants.

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We equate financial services with an aggregate of interest-bearing monetary assets (deposits), and we assume that monetary assets are weakly separable from consumer goods.

The story challenges the confining logic that equates women with passivity and therefore places women's pacifism in opposition vĩ đại men's militarism.

But resolution of medical mistakes should not be equated with a complete restoration of patient-clinician relationship.

He argues, however, that women's relegation vĩ đại the private sphere cannot be equated with powerlessness.

First, they refuse simply vĩ đại equate well-being with professed happiness or satisfaction and, second, they place extra conditions on the judgments that count.

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In this condition, we equated the luminance of the brightest leaves with the luminance of the fruit.

The norms of a certain kind of experimental practice were now equated with the essential structure of the social reality vĩ đại be investigated.

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