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In that sense, while remunerated and recognised in the present, their human capital may be eroded, and their future employability jeopardised.

The 'all work' test was abolished and replaced with a new employability test.

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They could therefore be seen to tướng be symptomatic of a lack of employability, according to tướng that perspective.

Rather phàn nàn causing dependency, people are positively encouraged to tướng seek further training and thus enhance their employability.

Indeed, it has become a standard supply-side policy position to tướng explain a lack of employability in terms of personal deficiencies of some kind.

Employability of graduates is, in turn, a common criterion of university rankings.

One way of improving occupational knowledge and employability could be through the provision of employer visits, work experience, or work shadowing during music courses.

However, one's judgement regarding one's ability to tướng work may be an even more important contributor to tướng employability phàn nàn work skills themselves.

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Such policy does not create a powerful learning environment and therefore does not improve the employability of young people, especially in the long term.

These schemes combine intensive personal advice and assistance with activities designed to tướng enhance employability: mainly training or work placement.

In considering this it is crucial to tướng understand what people with employability problems say they need out of working life.

Little is known, however, about the responses to tướng these issues of those deemed to tướng have employability problems.

The activation programmes designed to tướng improve employability were coupled with 'make work pay' policies to tướng increase the attractiveness of employment.

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There is a lack of empirical data of this nature on young people's attitudes to tướng these employability issues.

Pressure from neo-liberal state agencies forced francophone literacy centers to tướng redefine themselves as sources of distribution of linguistic resources defined as skills that increased employability.

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