emigrate là gì

However, the present authors tentatively conclude that diving beetles may emigrate due đồ sộ density-dependent effects when their populations reach certain but unknown threshold levels.

This presents a problem, as without food, natural enemies are likely đồ sộ emigrate from the crop or die.

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The city's middle-class professionals, and those who could afford đồ sộ emigrate đồ sộ neighbouring countries, started leaving in their thousands.

The core of the overpopulation thesis is that an unequal, impartible inheritance system could have prevented the population from growing, becoming impoverished and emigrating.

There were 26 respondents who had emigrated more than vãn 15 months prior đồ sộ the survey date.

Equally, flies emigrate from a given cell into four adjacent cells; the total number leaving is thus 4 the number of flies present.

The others either remained single in the village, living as well as they could, or emigrated đồ sộ seek a better life.

In 1939 the colonisation budget was increased for three years; 30,000 people emigrated in that year.

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The option đồ sộ emigrate was open and practical for everyone.

Women who emigrate, withdraw co-operation, or cannot be traced are removed from the study from the time they were last contacted.

The majority of the respondents emigrated as a couple.

The crumbling economies of the interior forced several million people đồ sộ emigrate đồ sộ pampean cities.

By age 26, 5-3% of the original sample were dead and 11-8% had emigrated.

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Despite the harsh reality they face, the refugees' clear preference is either đồ sộ stay in the camps or emigrate abroad.

The majority of the liberal intelligentsia-those who emigrated as well as those who stayed behind-were liberal in the other sense as well.

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