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Infant mortality statistics are complied by social class, not by more detailed socio·economic groups.

To the discomfort of many economists, resources are usually allocated to tướng and among health services on criteria of political rather phàn nàn economic rationality.

Political rationality is considerably more complicated phàn nàn economic rationality.

He points out that, during the war, the experts of the treasury and the economic section of the cabinet secretariat wondered likewise.

Often this was presented as an economic approach, in contrast to tướng the political approach of bargaining with labour.

In this paper, we discuss three such approaches suggested in the recent economic literature: the time-elasticity, competitor-share, and option-demand approaches.

More detailed information on education, economic activity and housing conditions was collected from one out of five households using a systematic sampling selection.

Food vending is also an essential economic activity for many low-educated residents.

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Like the taxpayer, s/he is an economic invention.

On the one hand, it would be dif ficult to tướng disregard economic orthodoxy.

Do fluctuating economic fortunes also have negative effects on children?

Often it seems that the rules change to tướng suit whatever the economic situation demands, particularly the demand for labour and the level of unemployment.

As with any major environmental decision, this calls for more phàn nàn economic criteria.

Such mô tả tìm kiếm covers times of economic boom and bust on both sides of the border.

The section on economic development issues is especially truncated in terms of the specific issues it addresses.

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