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Software applications were downsized from expensive mainframes to tát networked personal computers and workstations that are often more user-friendly and cost-effective.

Ghanaians tư vấn some aspects of adjustment, lượt thích market pricing, but not others, lượt thích downsizing the state.

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The tendency is toward downsizing, in contrast to tát the gigantic, budget-devouring, war-hungry military machines of the classic modern era.

He first postponed the time of the showdown, then downsized its scope.

We think that for pelites, even if we downsize the samples further, to tát the centimetre scale, the possibility of achieving significant results is high.

Factors underlying the effect of organisational downsizing on health of employees : longitudinal cohort study.

Assumptions, for example, about downsizing housing, have guided policy initiatives that have not always reflected what older people want.

Conversely, if they incur a loss in the previous year, firms downsize their effort.

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Many factories closed; others downsized, restructured, and reorganized production with new technology.

The process of downsizing benefits is barely beginning and the savings will accrue very slowly over time.

The government has been downsized and increasingly decentralised, and elections, especially since 1993, have generally been open and fair.

First, there is microeconometric evidence that workers in downsizing firms tự not experience massive wage drops.

Inefficient local governments therefore needed to tát downsize to tát minimize waste, and better monitoring and control from above would provide the cures.

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I also have reason to tát be concerned regarding the authors' controversial recommendation to tát downsize the second, mandatory, earnings related pension pillar in favor of a third, voluntary, pillar.

The remaining five words were more ('buzzword', 'canonicity', 'multicultural', 'privatize') or less ('downsize') familiar to tát the spellers.

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