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Their cầu xin service will even drop people off right at their front door if they live in their area of service.

It is estimated that 5,000 or more volunteers give their time to tát lập cập activities and open doors for members of the public.

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There are unusual shutters of the same wood and a heavy front door of solid teak.

She is often found passed out by the front door.

Some final clubs often hold parties and open their doors to tát women guests and male guests of members.

Meanwhile, he is having an affair with a next door neighbor.

It was easier to tát finish at the boathouse, and the pub was next door.

The waste heat was used to tát heat the public baths next door (and now demolished).

Within months, a 1,000sqftm2 -1 shoe/handbag boutique opened next door.

The site had disadvantages, in particular the aroma from the vinegar factory next door.

The man who hangs precariously out of the sliding door is the conductor.

Just open the back sliding door and stick the bottle in the nearest snowdrift.

Every woman, regardless of beauty, race, creed or age has encountered a man who's pulled the sliding door routine.

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The sliding door to tát the facility opens automatically at the drop of a coin whose value will be decided by the operator.

The garden-level apartment consists of a living room with a sliding door to tát the garden, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a shower room.

Gallows are basically a beam with a noose and a trap door.

The properly also includes a bespoke oak floating staircase which has been fitted where there was previously a trap door.

But one alteration remains: the trap door he used to tát get his puppets from his studio.

The trap door was closed from outside and the ladder was locked away in the store room.

About 700 meters (yards) in, a trap door was open, revealing a newly constructed tunnel.

Behind the closed door, their life was a closet full of broken dreams and agonizing pain.

And it was one-on-one -- a case of two adults indulging in consensual behaviour behind a closed door.

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They had almost no privacy on the phối, with cameras following them everywhere except behind the closed door of the toilet.

After the chairman spoke, newsmen were asked to tát leave after which the committee immediately went into a closed door session.

Always done behind the secrecy of a closed door, these crimes are perpetrated by those entrusted to tát care for these helpless individuals.