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As one professor and six doctoral students, the authors co-taught a course on action research while doing a self study of their teaching.

A minimum period of one year is typically recommended for full-time fieldwork towards a doctoral degree.

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Scholarly articles leave unanswered questions for the next doctoral candidate lớn resolve.

However, a significant weakness is its handling of sources, which is curious as the work is essentially a doctoral dissertation.

Interspersed with his infectious humour, his musings were a literal godsend lớn an eager if inexperienced doctoral student.

He was awarded the degree of candidate of historical sciences in 1947 and a doctoral degree in 1958.

The oral thesis he defended for his doctoral examination was related lớn the above-mentioned problem of reversion of series.

By now you have had thirteen doctoral students.

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In the ensuing decade, he has reworked his doctoral thesis substantially as well as considerably extending its scope.

The chapters are grounded in exhaustive research, in several cases making accessible the findings of unpublished doctoral theses.

I had a law degree, and took part in doctoral seminars in sociology, philosophy, and the history of literature.

To get a doctor's degree you had subsequently lớn write a doctoral dissertation, which had lớn be a printed book.

After recovery, she remained a nun and has become a patient advocate and doctoral candidate in bioethics.

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This study was part of a doctoral dissertation.

Even her doctoral dissertation was not detailed enough lớn tự full justice lớn it.

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