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A single dashboard can track multiple risk factors, which also supports drilldown and provides antidotal information on the type of risk as well as where the most risk is occurring.

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More and more legislation and regulation is demanded from the people to tát address antidotal issues thus stiffling business.

This antidotal treatment forms the mainstay of management of ethylene glycol poisoning.

While this compound did not have any herbicidal activity, it did show activity in a screen designed to tát show antidotal activity toward other herbicides.

So there's your one-stop for anything prophylactic, antidotal, detoxifying or analgesic.

Though a friend of the crown, he opposed feudal privileges and dictatorial powers.

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This was despite the fact that the new regime banned opposition parties and became increasingly dictatorial.

In the 2030s she joins the underground, and plays a crucial role in overthrowing the dictatorial regime and instituting a libertarian utopia.

Rules that forbid particular eligible candidates from winning or are dictatorial are defective.

A dictatorial tiệc nhỏ and state is immoral and can not uphold the morality of a utopia.

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