dissonance là gì

However, the complex dissonances we have seen suggest otherwise.

If the metre, lượt thích the 6/4 that underlies this example, is built to lớn allow multiple groupings, dissonances can occur without disrupting it excessively.

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In theory, conflicts such as 7/4 or 11/3 could also generate dissonances of this type.

Such dissonances are central to lớn two other essays.

Such dissonances must be presented as temporally emphasized at the level of the surface as well as featuring in the fundamental counterpoint.

In the initial parsing, dissonances are shown with crossed noteheads.

There are several rhythmic structures - metric consonances and dissonances - in the third movement which would surely have attracted his attention.

The layering of the different walks was immersive, with overlapping words and incidental harmonies and dissonances.

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In his introduction, he speaks of 'history giving voice to lớn the dissonances within the region's imagined communities'.

In fact, it may not always be correct to lớn regard such effects as" dissonances" at all.

He observed that the author of the treatise advanced a new regulative principle for handling dissonances based on time/space considerations.

The educational function of this passage is obvious: the contemporary listener perceives the overemphasized play of dissonances as both repulsive and, perhaps, even ridiculous.

Whereas dissonances were previously avoided in the initial treatment, they are now omnipresent.

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Historical interpretations exist in groups, and sometimes tư vấn each other for reasons of social function despite apparent methodological dissonances.

The silence halfway through, the abrupt ending, and the unexpected dissonances are all such striking features that they immediately beg questions.

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