dishes nghĩa là gì

Transfer mixture đồ sộ an ovenproof dish or six individual dishes.

The dishes on the thực đơn are their bread and butter, what they practise on a daily basis.

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By night, the kitchen offers more experimental dishes (uni in almond gazpacho, sweetbreads in beef fat, chestnut garganelli), all prepared in a theatrical open kitchen.

Clueless politicians, flummoxed by the questions and the pearls of wisdom he dishes out without fail around the climax scene.

Watch out for dishes labelled deep-fried, pan-fried, battered, breaded or crispy.

It is typically lightly fried with oil in the initial stages of preparation of the dish.

Believing in freshness of the ingredients, she refused đồ sộ import ingredients đồ sộ offer exclusive dishes.

Freshly cooked hot ("hokahoka") rice is usually served with freshly prepared side dishes.

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These groups have heraldic crests, which are displayed on totem poles, canoes, feast dishes, house posts, weavings, jewelry, and other art forms.

This higher power also translates into smaller receiving dishes and points out a generalization between a satellite's transmission and a dish's size.

For liquid soap or foam soap a soap dispenser may be used in place of a soap dish.

There are also air carbon cell phone cases, soap dishes and plastic bags.

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It was supported upon a tripod; a circular orifice in the top received the basin, and smaller ones were provided for a soap dish and a water-bottle.

Accepted porcelain goods include toilets, bathroom sinks and porcelain soap dishes while accepted electronics include computers, printers and scanners.

Perfectly flat ceramic soap dishes lack drainage ridges so sánh the perfectly flat disc of soap adheres intractably.