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It wasn't only that he was a good with people; he was also a diplomat.

After the war, she retired completely, accompanying her diplomat husband on various overseas postings.

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Their parents were diplomats, exiles, military, professionals, oil industry personnel, etc.

An anonymous diplomat also said the junta claimed soldiers now had the monks under control and would now turn their attention to tướng civilian protesters.

Diplomats' status does not guarantee the release of impounded cars.

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Sources of information include diplomatic intelligence, secret (or special) intelligence, strategic modeling, and data derived from open-source intelligence.

Both countries established diplomatic relations on the same day.

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This involved formal diplomatic services and attendance at functions and ceremonies.

Andorra has a limited number of diplomatic missions, with some missions to tướng multilateral organisations also responsible to tướng the hosted countries.

The two countries established diplomatic relations in 1961.