desalination là gì

In their framework, a social planner maximizes consumer plus from production of water through recharge and desalination, the latter being a backstop resource.

Beyond this point, additional water is drawn through desalination.

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Guiding sườn design by consequence knowledge for computer-based design work of desalination plants.

In the absence of new water projects, including reclamation and water desalination, damage has been inflicted on the water aquifers.

With an alternative technology for production available through desalination, the framework for determining the optimal prices and quantities used over time is shown in equation (1).

At this point, surplus demand will be met through desalination, sánh the price of desalination will be the same as the true price of groundwater extraction.

Institutions such as hotels often obtain their water from a variety of sources, including the government mains, rainwater catchments, desalination of seawater, or a private water treatment company.

There was no reason vĩ đại descale the desalination tanks since they were only for the storage of clean potable water.

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No land is uninhabitable if it has pipelines bringing water, and means of desalination vĩ đại enable sea water vĩ đại be used for irrigation.

The cost of desalination is bound vĩ đại come down.

I suggest that this country can continue vigorously with desalination of water schemes for which there will be a huge demand all over the world.

One is able vĩ đại discuss in that laboratory all manner of subjects such as the desalination of water and the effect of radiation on bacteria.

The proposed desalination plant has vĩ đại be considered in the context of the final status negotiations.

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Many problems of water deficiency arise where problems of long carriage from a desalination plant are not involved.

Also, more research is necessary into desalination plants and water recycling technology in order vĩ đại have a cheaper and more efficient system.

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