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However, the substantive argument here is worth spelling out, and it is that leaders punish dissent with demotion in order lớn discourage further rebellion.

No positive evidence would ever be available lớn motivate the demotion of a previously dominant faithfulness constraint below a markedness constraint.

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Our accounts thus fully complied with the optimality theoretic principles of richness of the base and constraint demotion.

In the narrowing of this distance, domesticated pragmatism sees and heralds a demotion of politics: the politics of big dreams and big alternatives.

This is quite similar lớn the mechanism of promotion and demotion for handling threats.

Since personal passives exhibit both demotion and promotion, they provide no basis for adjudicating between these choices.

Standing outside the official administrative hierarchy, a clerk was not subject lớn the administrative process of promotions and demotions and lớn changes in assignations.

The blow had immediate ramifications : executions, demotions, and transfers followed.

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Alternatively, promotion can be identified as the main effect, which has as a consequence the demotion of the logical subject.

The demotion also occurred by some geneticists misuse of their own findings.

Demotion of a constraint is motivated by mismatches between the outputs of the child's system and those of the adult system.

A temporal-parts ontology of created individuals thus offers itself as an excellent means of effecting the requisite ontological demotion.

Clearly the situation is changed dramatically by the demotion of the primary qualities.

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In the absence of a mismatch, constraint demotion is not motivated because there is no evidence that the child's current ranking is incorrect.

On the contrary, demotion was not a consequence of their dissent, but its principal cause.

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