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Intake by sheep and digestibility of chickweed, dandelion, dock, ribwort and spurrey, compared with perennial ryegrass.

For example, benzyl isothiocyanate inhibited germination of dandelion and alfalfa seeds at lower concentrations than thở the remaining bioassay species.

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Intake, by sheep, and digestibility of chickweed, dandelion, dock, ribwort and spurrey, compared with perennial ryegrass.

Suppose the ingredients in one particular mixture were very ordinary, such as salt, bicarbonate of soda, dandelions or cloves, and a few things lượt thích that.

Does it include such wines as potato wine, dandelion wine, carrot wine, or even sugar-beet wine?

When one blows a dandelion clock, the bit that one wants to tướng remain may be blown away.

I trust that what is now a land of dandelions and thistles will be turned back to tướng a land flowing with milk and honey.

One finds willow herb and dandelions growing there.

A child's memory can be lượt thích a dandelion clock.

Would it not also be a good idea to tướng allow those visitors proper catering facilities, instead of bothering about claret, dandelion and parsnip wines and all the rest?

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The issue is not that of a few flowers—lichens and dandelions as they were miscalled in another place—against water supplies sánh vital for industry and employment.

For people to tướng gather mushrooms, or pick dandelions to tướng make dandelion wine, or pick blackberries, is dangerous on an aerodrome, particularly when the weather is not good.

The name "beer" has always been associated with a liquor made from malt and hops and not from dandelions and other herbs found in the countryside.

Scientific knowledge on breeding and genetics is growing at such a staggering pace that a brilliant use might even be discovered next week for dandelions from our back gardens.

Boycotts of tea led to tướng an increase in consumption of other beverages, such as coffee or herbal teas infused with peppermint, sage or dandelions.


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