customer là gì

With hamburgers were dressed by the kitchen staff and without were dressed by the customer.

Such businesses sold directly đồ sộ customers, and they had fewer customers phàn nàn other markets.

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It allows the electric companies đồ sộ respond đồ sộ emergencies without shutting off all power đồ sộ customers.

They typically sit outside of their rooms and negotiate with customers who wander the hallways.

They have over 170 sales depots đồ sộ meet every customer's needs.

Their company produces larger inflatable kites and custom line decor for retail customers and select wholesale accounts.

One street that has many custom houses also has large landscaped lots.

Cultures vary in terms of conventions and customs, but not principles of fairness, which appear đồ sộ emerge very early in development, prior đồ sộ socialization influences.

American culture and customs are present, as well as translated gadget names.

This will allow players đồ sộ play their custom maps just as they would play the normal game.

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A customs and currency union also took place.

It was a main hub for customs traffic, and the đô thị gates acted as a symbol of the city's commercial authority.

Respect for parents, veneration of ancestors, and strong extended family and clan relationships were mutually shared customs.

It can also be used in place of flour đồ sộ make bread or other foods according đồ sộ local customs.

He was first employed as a temporary outdoor officer at the customs department.

It certainly looked lượt thích a custom-made role đồ sộ teach a sales guy about the product side of the house.

For instance, the metal cover, which protects precast staircases during construction, replaces custom-made wooden covers which tend đồ sộ get damaged quickly.

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The tarps are stored on a custom-made cart that is easily wheeled đồ sộ the front of the school.

I was shocked đồ sộ find out how much a custom-made cushion costs.

A custom-made mouth guard may help with his overbite problem.