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However, economic progress and delivery of social services, such as healthcare and education, also depend on the success of the efforts đồ sộ curb rampant corruption.

The application of control measures that curb human infection in endemic areas depends critically on the detection of infected people.

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The latter is directed at curbing the political as opposed đồ sộ the judicial criteria for appointments.

To curb worker feuds, managers confined workers for three days if they fought with fellow workers.

Extending the medical code of ethics đồ sộ establishments that employ doctors (even if not owned by doctors) may curb unethical referral practices.

Initially it was an economic institution designed đồ sộ curb the power of plutocrats who were manipulating medicinal drug markets in their favor.

For the sake of regional stability, he tried đồ sộ curb the efforts at reform, especially the demands for increased national independence.

Therefore, it appears that inoculative biocontrol programmes should be applied early in spring in order đồ sộ curb the increasing mealybug mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa later in summer.

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Environmental policy, fostered by international agreements, gives a better explanation why pollution curbs downward at high income levels.

The counterpoints đồ sộ the mutability of style were the legal constraints designed đồ sộ curb the fashion impulse, bridling the sartorial ambitions of non-elites.

The paper also offers suggestions on extra disclosures that might help in curbing earnings management.

Entry of sheep was banned while curbs lượt thích grazing fee were imposed for other cattle.

Apart from official attempts đồ sộ curb the institution and its actions, partisan control over the institution is therefore an additional risk.

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The figure suggests that the conditions are fairly permissive and one minister will generally have an incentive đồ sộ curb his spending.

While the theatre was đồ sộ be the bastion of progress, traditional popular festivities such as carnival with its subversive potential for social inversion, were curbed.

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