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Stories of raw green chillies and unlocked cupboards.

All nations have skeletons in their historical cupboards.

He told us about all the skeletons that he thought he found hanging in various cupboards, and all the rest of it.

We are also using instruments that have been locked unused in cupboards in primary schools.

Of course files, whether in dirty cupboards or in old drawers, are always accessible lớn the criminal.

All the cupboards have been opened, but not a single skeleton has yet come out.

The floors of the ngân hàng were of course pulled up in order lớn tìm kiếm for documents, and locked doors and cupboards were broken.

At the side of them—again it looked lớn má lượt thích thousands—there were numerous six feet steel airmen's cupboards all left open.

I understand that steps have been taken for stationery cupboards lớn be stocked with recycled stationery where a particular demand has been identified.

There are other stories about husbands who are found hiding in cupboards when people Hotline.

Then there will be a number of contractors for the fittings, the kitchen unit, and the built-in cupboards.

Nothing on our shelves, little in our cupboards, queues, and faces as long as they have ever been at any time during the war.

He sought skeletons in cupboards that tự not exist.

Of course, there can be skeletons in cupboards as well.

They have specified cupboards and materials which are not commonly available on the market.

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Bản dịch của cupboard

vô giờ Trung Quốc (Phồn thể)

櫥櫃, 壁櫥, 壁櫃…

vô giờ Trung Quốc (Giản thể)

橱柜, 壁橱, 壁柜…

vô giờ Tây Ban Nha

armario, alacena [feminine], despensa [feminine]…

Xem thêm: illicit là gì

vô giờ Bồ Đào Nha

armário, armário [masculine]…

trong những ngữ điệu khác

vô giờ Nhật

vô giờ Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ

vô giờ Pháp

vô giờ Catalan

in Dutch

vô giờ Ả Rập

vô giờ Séc

vô giờ Đan Mạch

vô giờ Indonesia

vô giờ Thái

vô giờ Ba Lan

vô giờ Malay

vô giờ Đức

vô giờ Na Uy

vô giờ Hàn Quốc

in Ukrainian

vô giờ Ý

vô giờ Nga

dolap, büfe, mutfak dolabı…

placard [masculine], placard…

Xem thêm: resistance là gì

skap [neuter], skap(rom), kott…

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