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One sườn of cultural control is intercropping, or increasing the diversity of crop species11.

Indeed, to tướng comprehend the conditionally of new frames they must be examined in tandem with entrenched cultural predispositions.

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Insufficient attention to tướng cultural issues is likely to tướng limit the effectiveness of interventions.

The aim of this study was to tướng explore its cross-cultural validity.

We bởi not find that prevalence differences are explained by cross-cultural differences in the sườn or validity of the depressive syndrome.

In the period before 'music television' existed as a cultural sườn and as an institutional entity it was more common to tướng address music on television.

Commentary : counting heads may mask cultural and social factors.

Finally, since social and cultural relations involve constant change, identity is variable and multiple.

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The marking with soot seems to tướng refer to tướng non-social behaviour, whereas the tattooing marks the cultural transition of a young woman to tướng womanhood.

We report a study from a western region examining the impact of acculturation on depression to tướng clarify the role of cultural factors.

A few years ago a cultural initiative was established in order to tướng revisit and commemorate the history of the quarry through various cultural events.

The sites of historical remembrance can be manifested in various forms as institutions, topographical places, objects, cultural creations, social habits, and even buildings.

In cultural studies the plays themselves are not the main focus of attention.

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There are other examples of bu being mindful that an audience might not get a lot of these cultural references.

There are two possible instantiations of cultural identity: expanded-identity speakers and local-identity speakers.

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